in Housing



Promise Homes is committed to providing its residents with Dignity in Housing.

We Promise our residents quality housing at affordable prices as well as financial empowerment and assistance that would position them financially to eventually own a home.

We believe that by supporting our residents with a series of financial and economic support services, we improve their lives while building a stronger and more resilient company. By treating residents as partners, we also improve the communities that we serve. We will do well by doing good.

We Promise our communities that we will improve the lives of our residents through financial empowerment programs that provide credit and money management counseling. By engaging local small businesses to provide services for our residents, we will create a local, sustainable supply chain and reliable vendor service providers.


We believe that there is a substantial and quality investment opportunity in supporting American middle and working class neighborhoods. The Promise Homes Company will fill an important market need by serving the broadest middle and working class consumer.

By supporting our residents with a series of financial and economic support services, we believe they can reach the long-term financial stability to position themselves to eventually own a home.


1 in 10 Americans live in single family rental housing.


48% of those in single family rentals make less than $50,000 a year.


55% of American households under the age of 44 are renters.

Promise Homes was established with the clear objective of creating a new relationship between owner, resident and the community.