The Promise Homes Company Model to be Featured at IMN Single Family Residential Institutional Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona



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I am honored to travel next week with our Promise Homes Company Chief Operating Officer & Chief Investment Officer Jason Stewart to speak on the Promise Homes model, at the IMN Single Family Residential Institutional Forum, December 5th, 2017, in Scottsdale, Arizona. We were asked to attend and speak at the conference because of the unique and forward leaning thinking behind Promise Homes, where we have been successful in both achieving a market return, treating residents of our homes with respect and dignity, and actively re-investing back into the communities we own homes in, all in the same breath.

I will be speaking on the “Large SFR Institutional ‘C-Level’ Executive Panel: Are You Still Buying In This Over-Valued Seller’s Market? Where?” The Promise Homes Company has a unique model which approaches the question, and the answer, in a fundamentally different way.

A special thank you to Promise Homes partners and backers Tony Ressler and Michael Arougheti, and our management team at The Promise Homes Company. First class leaders and operators, all around. Stay tuned for more.

John Hope Bryant,
Founder and CEO,
The Promise Homes Company

The Promise Homes Company is the largest minority controlled, institutional quality owner of rental single family residential properties in the nation. Its initial investments — inclusive of Project Promise #1 — are and will be in Atlanta, with plans to expand nationally.