We are Providing Dignity in Housing: Hear From Real Life Stories

April, 2020

“I was looking for a house…I thought I was helpless until Promise Homes stepped in the picture,” says Juanita Parks.

“I was excited about the program because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My husband had passed away, my son was growing up, and I wanted a fresh start,” Juanita said.

“I had aspirations of home ownership and starting my own business. I received a letter from Promise Homes stating these programs that they were offering. I said, well, let me go to the seminar that he was offering to let me see these first hand. It wasn’t like give you a couple of pamphlets and do your own research…the teacher was really in depth,” says Eric Weems.

He adds, “It’s not the biggest and greatest house, but it’s my house. So, I feel good about that.”

Check out Juanita and Eric’s testimonials.

Promise Homes is committed to providing its residents with Dignity in Housing. Promise Homes is available to help you too.

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